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At Nourishing Newborn OT, LLC, we are passionate about helping families thrive. We provide occupational therapy and lactation services that are tailored to the unique needs of each family. Our mission is to provide nourishing, empowering, and evidence-based care to help support babies’ growth and development and support families in the ever-changing world of parenting. We are committed to helping families reach their goals and find joy in their journey.


My name is Nancy Sotiropoulos, MSOTR/L IBCLC CIMI2

I have been an occupational therapist for almost 20 years, focusing on early intervention.  My background includes sensory integration, infant feeding and development. Over the past several years, I have increased my focus on early infant development and feeding, including breast/chest feeding. I sat for the IBCLC board exam last September and am excited to be able to offer these services in addition to occupational therapy to families who are struggling. My skills as an occupational therapist uniquely position me to be able to assess feeding challenges from a whole body perspective.  I have pursued continuing education in pre and post frenectomy therapy, primitive reflex integration, Tummytime Method! (Certified), bottle feeding, total motion release, infant massage (certified instructor)and cranial sacral therapy.  I believe that all of these skills can be of value to help empower families to gain the knowledge to support their baby.  My goal is to provide comprehensive developmental support to help families and babies who are having challenges get on a healthy path earlier in their journeys together. 

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Services provided in the comfort of your home

Why occupational therapy for babies?

Babies have occupations too! The occupations of babies include eating, learning to interact with their environments with their senses, moving their bodies, and bonding with caregivers (sleep and digestion can also be included as important activities to babies and families).


In addition to assessing and treating oral skills for eating, occupational therapists can also assess and treat the whole body and provide guidance and treatment to help babies regulate their nervous systems, optimize their movement patterns, decrease tension, maximize their comfort level related to engaging in their environments, promote physical development, and bonding with the important people in their lives.  

*Management of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) pre and post tongue tie release 


*Plagiocephaly, brachycephaly (head flattening) 

*Open mouth posture

*Asymmetries of the head and posture (head turning or feeding preference to only one side)

*High and low muscle tone

*Nervous system dysregulation 

*Fussiness/body tension/stiffness

* Developmental delays

*Oral dysfunction/feeding difficulties at the breast/chest or bottle (including bottle refusal)

*Tummy Time challenges

*Transition to solids


*Cranial Sacral Therapy 

*Parent education and empowerment 

Occupational Therapy Services
Prices as of May 1, 2024

surprised baby

Occupational Therapy Evaluation - $225

*Comprehensive developmental assessment of your baby

*Summary and recommendations provided following visit

Sleepy Baby

Occupational Therapy Follow Up Visit-$135

*Follow up support and continued instruction as appropriate to support you and your baby's development 

Lactation Services

Initial Lactation Consulation    $225
Lactation Follow up Visit          $150     

*Comprehensive evaluations of infant feeding and maternal breast. *This includes but is not limited to pre and post feed weights, latch positioning and support, optimizing milk supply, pumping assessment and education, issues related to tethered oral tissue.

Now partnered with The Lactation Network to offer lactation visits covered by some insurance companies - scan the QR code to check your insurance coverage eligibility. 

Jessica W.

“Nancy was amazing! My almost 4 month old was having trouble taking a bottle and was displaying open mouth posture. Within a few sessions, Nancy was able to not only get her to take a bottle, but her mouth posture has drastically changed! Nancy was so approachable with the questions I asked, gave great exercise options to help my daughter's jaw and tongue strength, and thoroughly explained everything. I felt super comfortable from the beginning and would highly recommend Nancy to anyone with an infant!."
Holding Newborn
"I reached out to Nancy, as a last resort after seeking help elsewhere and being desperate to feed my baby the way I had hoped and planned to. She came to us as soon as she could find availability, she assessed my baby and we were able to come up with a treatment plan that she explained to me in depth, for best results. She was always very knowledgeable and honest with us on my baby's struggles, and was clear and open with the process and how treatment can take a period of time, etc. After receiving OT as well as lactation services, my baby is thriving and has met milestones + weight for age expectations. We are so thankful for Nancy, her kindness, support, and encouragement will not be forgotten."

Meg B.

“Nancy was able to piece together and identify complications and difficulties our new born was having with breathing and feeding that traditional specialist hadn’t to date. She was quite truly the pivotal person to our baby’s well being ability to thrive. We felt beyond cared for. Our goals were met and exceeded. We had breakthroughs with Nancy we couldn’t achieve through a variety of other medical specialists.”

Anna G. 

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Occupational Therapy and Lactation services to support  feeding, and development for newborns and infants

Jamison, PA


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